OFYR Cozinha

OFYR Cozinha

OFYR Cozinha


OFYR Cozinha Elba is the perfect choice for everyday cooking and small gatherings. Its compact size and contemporary style are carefully designed to fit into any outdoor space. Use this model as a free-standing kitchen island or place it alongside a wall for a clean look. This kitchen features The Bastard VX, a culinary marvel that empowers you to explore a wide array of cooking techniques. The kamado can be positioned on the left side, in the middle, or on the right side, granting you the flexibility to configure your outdoor kitchen according to your preferences.

OFYR Cozinha Outdoor Kitchen Elba


This design is available in the colourways Pietra Milano countertop with a taupe base and the Pietra Anversa countertop with a graphite base. The base consists of 2 cabinets and a cooking module with a small storage space underneath the ceramic barbecue. Complement the base with the optional built-in sink for optimal functionality. Whichever options you choose, your outdoor kitchen will radiate elegance and sophistication, becoming a true extension of your home.

The Bastard VX Accessories

Cast Iron Grid

Cast-Iron Grid

Cast iron gives a more constant heat than stainless steel and conducts better, making this Grid ideal for grilling at high temperatures.

The Bastard Bird Sitter

Bird Sitter

The Bird Sitter is a must-have accessory to create a full meal. Simply put a chicken on the protruding part in the middle and surround it with some potatoes and vegetables.

The Bastard Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven

From hearty stews to homemade sourdough bread, with this casserole you can make it all. Use the lid as a griddle to quickly sear meats or vegetables before they go into the casserole.

The Bastard Half Moon Griddle

Half Moon Griddle

Discover multi-level cooking with the Half Moon Griddle. The flat side of this double-sided griddle is ideal for quick searing, while the ribbed side creates those perfect grill marks.

One Minute Lighter

Electric Lighter

Bring your ceramic barbecue to life with just a simple touch. The One Minute Lighter makes lighting the charcoal much easier and helps you to safely stoke up the fire while you are cooking.

The VX Tools

The VX Tools

Your starter kit for cooking with the ceramic barbecue consists of The Bastard VX Spatula Meat Flipper and Tongs. Ideal for flipping or tussling any type of ingedient.